Thursday, 24 May 2012


So I've heard most pregnant woman will demonstrate nesting instincts by extreme cleaning or washing and ironing hundreds of baby grows - me - I've been sewing. To be fair there has been a fair amount of baby related sewing going on but its not for my bump, no i've used this opportunity to stockpile items i'm going to be selling at my first ever craft fair.

My lovely friend Nina, has convinced me others might like some of things I make and so I shall be testing the theory in November at the NSPCC Islington Christmas Fair where 10% everything sold goes to the charity.

Add November 17th to your diary and come along and support me - pick up a unique bargain and donate to charity at the same time - what a lovely way to get the Christmas shopping done!

To date I've whipped up some bloomers, changing mats and Sleep Tight Quilts.

I've started on some bibs and have plans for Christmas stockings, decorations and garlands and some bags and eye masks. Will post as the stockpile grows!

Sunday, 6 May 2012


You can't move for bunting at the moment - mainly due to the Jubilee - my reason is that lovely Nina wanted some personalised bunting for the wee folk in her life!

 I also made another of the changing mats for Nina to give to a friend

I love using the Liberty fabric - its so soft!