Thursday, 28 February 2013


Several weeks after Christmas I finally finished Sophie's last gift - cushions spelling out her name!

You can see that Sophie looks quite pleased with herself and her cushions. Just before the photo was snapped she was chewing the 'H' - hence the spelling mistake!!

Each letter is made from a different fabric. The 'S' is a lovely Liberty print I picked up a couple of years ago, 'O' is lovely floral print with turquoise birds, 'H' is called 'Virginia's Closet', 'P' is in 'Yellow Damask Flora', 'I' is a hard to find Heather Ross 'Buses' i won from Ebay and the 'E' just peeping from behind Sophie is 'Scamper'.

I think they look good - I may remake the 'S' with some medium weight interfacing to keep its shape better.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Crafting withdrawal!

We've decided to sell our flat and find us a house - with stairs - and room for us all! This meant a huge clear up including my crafting and sewing stuff which had started to take over most of the living room. After a day of sorting, binning, folding and arranging all my bits and pieces are tidily put away in their rightful places. You can see the difference it makes.

Admittedly there are a couple of large bags of scraps in the corner of our bedroom!

The only problem with this new found tidiness is that its pretty impossible to do any making. Any project would involve the possibility of disturbing this calm and so I'm feeling a bit lost.

Hopefully it won't be long until the flat is sold and I can make a mess or get creative again!

Monday, 11 February 2013

Giant Pom Poms!

 So the perfect way to banish the winter blues and catch up with friends...a party in February. More importantly a celebration of our beautiful baby girl - Sophie's Naming Ceremony.

The day started with a lovely ceremony at Nuneaton Registry Office. We had readings from Morgan and Alison. And then onto a party with a bouncy castle and plenty of food and drink.

With help from my oldest friend Hayley we spent the night before making these giant pom poms - using a technique I found here. We clustered them together to decorate the room.

I choose pink, white and purple tissue paper to create a theme to link with Sophie's middle name - 'Violet'. 

I ordered a dozen Violets from a super helpful nursery in Dorset who chose the prettiest in bloom plants  and packaged them up and sent them to me the day before. Each table had a different potted Violet with some homemade vintage ribbon and paper lace doilies.

We invited those that had helped make the day so special to take a Violet home and help it grow - just as our Sophie will!

A fabulous day!