Monday, 11 February 2013

Giant Pom Poms!

 So the perfect way to banish the winter blues and catch up with friends...a party in February. More importantly a celebration of our beautiful baby girl - Sophie's Naming Ceremony.

The day started with a lovely ceremony at Nuneaton Registry Office. We had readings from Morgan and Alison. And then onto a party with a bouncy castle and plenty of food and drink.

With help from my oldest friend Hayley we spent the night before making these giant pom poms - using a technique I found here. We clustered them together to decorate the room.

I choose pink, white and purple tissue paper to create a theme to link with Sophie's middle name - 'Violet'. 

I ordered a dozen Violets from a super helpful nursery in Dorset who chose the prettiest in bloom plants  and packaged them up and sent them to me the day before. Each table had a different potted Violet with some homemade vintage ribbon and paper lace doilies.

We invited those that had helped make the day so special to take a Violet home and help it grow - just as our Sophie will!

A fabulous day!

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