Thursday, 28 February 2013


Several weeks after Christmas I finally finished Sophie's last gift - cushions spelling out her name!

You can see that Sophie looks quite pleased with herself and her cushions. Just before the photo was snapped she was chewing the 'H' - hence the spelling mistake!!

Each letter is made from a different fabric. The 'S' is a lovely Liberty print I picked up a couple of years ago, 'O' is lovely floral print with turquoise birds, 'H' is called 'Virginia's Closet', 'P' is in 'Yellow Damask Flora', 'I' is a hard to find Heather Ross 'Buses' i won from Ebay and the 'E' just peeping from behind Sophie is 'Scamper'.

I think they look good - I may remake the 'S' with some medium weight interfacing to keep its shape better.

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