Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Super Finn!

As Finn is finally getting into dressing up we went for a superhero costume for his 3rd birthday. Super Finn's super powers are still to manifest themselves!

I used templates from Martha Stewarts website for the the thunderbolt and 'F' and guidelines for the cape. I used polysatin from the wonderful Rolls n Reams in Lewisham as it had just the right swish. Having successfully used Bondaweb for the first time on the cape, I bought a plain top from H&M and added Super Finn's insignia to the front.

The mask is made in the same way as the super heroes and animal masks I made previously.  I designed my own shape and added a miniature thunderbolt and 'F' to finish it off.

Finn just needs to be able to fly now!

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