Tuesday, 20 November 2012

First Craft Sale

So Saturday it was finally here - my first ever craft sale! After all these months of sewing and preparing and worrying there was nothing else for it but to put my stall together and hope for the best.

The day started with several diversions - back and forth across the river - until we got there just in time to set up before doors opened. 

Luckily my wonderful friend Nina came along to help with sales (she can talk...!), give some moral support and gossip!

It turned out that the eye masks and bird decorations were a big hit!

I was very proud of my stamped bags with my logo - made almost overnight by The English Stamp Company.

  Although I didn't sell out - I made a few pennies and have a much better idea what sells and what doesn't for any sales in the future! Watch this space.

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