Tuesday, 15 January 2013


I have written a list of 9 things to do this year - I couldn't think of a tenth!

  • Have a night out dancing with the girls
  • Learn to screen print
  • Go and see a matinee film on my own
  • Learn how to free motion embroidery on my fancy machine
  • Have a weekend away with my other half
  • Go to an auction and have the courage to buy something
  • Set up an Etsy shop
  • Learn to crochet
  • Make marmalade...
All lovely things with a strong crafting theme!

So as I was informed that Seville oranges were in season I needed to crack on with making some marmalade. "Why", as Cal asked, well mainly because I wanted to know how to and you can't beat a thick slice of toast smothered in butter and marmalade in the cold weather.

Obviously I used the delia recipe, and dusted off my Kenwood and used one of its fancy attachments for the first - so although the magic juicer made short work of de-juicing the oranges it took at least an hour to cut up all the rinds!

After simmering for two hours I squeezed my bag of pips and pith (made from a square of muslim) and added the sugar and a mini bottle of Jack Daniels.

 Half an hour later and saucer test said it was ready.

 And if I say so myself - its bloomin lovely! I have 6 jars which should last for a good few months!

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