Saturday, 13 July 2013

A refashion experiment!

I follow a blog by Jillian Owens who has been refashioning clothes found at charity shops and 'goodwill' and sharing the creations she makes. I like her style as she often has 'no-sew' creations and has a no fuss attitude to the process.

I rediscovered this jersey dress in my huge pile of scraps (which I am desperately trying to clear out!) and rememberd how much I loved wearing it. Its so soft and the colours suit me. Unfortunately it a super large as I wore it as a maternity dress when I pregnant with Finn. So I got my scissors out and started chopping. First I cut the skirt section from the bodice - I was pleased to see how much fabric there was - plenty to make a top. I dug out my beaten up favourite t-shirt and used this as a template.

I folded the front of the skirt section in half and lay it flat on the table. I then folded my t-shirt in half and lay it on top - folds together. I then drew round my t-shirt - adding a small allowance for my seams. I moved the sleeves out of the way and drew a scooped line for the neck. I then did this again with the other piece of skirt material, this time I made the scoop a little lower for the front of my top.

I attached the shoulders together first and then opened my new top out. I placed two pieces of leftover fabric under the arm hole and drew a shape using my t-shirt again as a template. These were then cut out and pinned on to make the sleeves. I needed to ease the two bits of fabric together to make them fit but as it was jersey this was easy to do. 

I then pinned the side seams together - doing my best to match the grey band so it flowed properly. All seams were finished with a small zigzag stitch. Finally I used the zigzag stitch around the raw edges of my sleeves and neckline which created a slightly scalloped finish,

My new top!

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