Sunday, 4 August 2013

Noughts and Crosses Quilt

This is the (long awaited!) Nought and Crosses Quilt I've been making for Finn. I wanted to make a crosses quilt as I've seen lots of quilts using this design and thought they looked fab. I've used a mix of earthy colours - green, orange and brown alongside some dark navy and tomato red.


Many of the fabrics have been donations of old sheeting which has been washed lots so the finsihed quilt is now super soft. The edging is also from an old duvet, the way its been cut means the dots spiral round the edge, adding interest.

The back is yet more sheeting! This lovely pin stripe of moss green and a soft navy blue on a white background. The piece I had left wasn't quite large enough so I added another scrap piece and some of the orange patterned fabric, i like the scrappiness! 

Although it needs a good iron you can make out the hand quilted circles - each circle frames a cross. I used a mix of dark olive green, red and white thread.

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