Sunday, 31 August 2014

Teepee Tutorial

I made this a couple of years but only just realised that I've not posted about it. I wanted to share it mainly because I followed a really simple set of instructions I found from IKEA.

Ikea is also a great pace to find fabric to make this. Most of their fabric's are extra wide, bright colours and patterns, durable and affordable.

The 6 wooden poles were from B&Q. We quickly sawed the excess off, drilled a hole through and then gave them a coat of varnish to darken their colour and make them a little more hardwearing.

To keep the poles in place I sewed leather thong at intervals on the inside. I used the same leather thong to tie the poles together at the top and make a tie for the opening.

The teepee is great fun, can be changed to whatever the imagination conjures and provides a useful hideaway from afternoon sun.

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