Friday, 19 September 2014

Bon Voyage

So Mum has embarked on a trip of a lifetime - she and my Auntie are visiting my cousin in Vancouver.

A momentous journey for anyone, but particularly as Mum isn't the best traveler and tackling such a challenge without the support of Dad has made the prospect more daunting. Her determination to succeed has been amazing and I'm so proud of her.

I put together these packages for Mum and Auntie to add a little comfort to their journey.

Mum's set used the lovely Liberty fabric from my maxi dress and a dress I made Sophie. I used a lovely turquoise and white polka dot to contrast on the slippers.

Auntie's set was this lovely soft pink and mustard Ikat deign with a mustard floral contrast.

Mum's set included a passport holder. I added her name using the embroidery alphabet feature on my sewing machine. Unfortunately I ran out of fabric and time to make Auntie one too!

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