Sunday, 25 January 2015

Paint Experiments

What to do with the kids on a cold winter Sunday? Luckily this wonderful Tinkerlab book had some great suggestions which lead to a morning of paint experiments!


We settled on some painting experiments. After a little preparation we were ready.

 First we looked at different ways to make paintings. We started off with an old milk bottle with some holes in the lid, hung from a stick with string. After getting the consistency of the paint right with a little extra water we had it dripping and splatting in great patterns.

Next Sophie and Finn experimented with toy cars, loo rolls, string, balls, and other toys.

Our next experiment was monoprinting. Finn and Sophie had a baking tray each which we coated with paint before using cotton buds to draw our pictures and patterns.

We soon worked out that a thinner layer of paint was better and using our big brushes to spread it evenly worked best.

Great fun and we may even frame a couple!

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