Sunday, 8 March 2015

A Skater Skirt Tutorial

I love the little skater skirts that Boden do for girls but they're pricey. Sophie is lucky to have one we got her with a gift of vouchers and so I decided to use it to make my own version.

I started with this soft tartan fabric. I knew I wanted it very full so made a loop of about 25 cm wide and 2 metres long. I had to sew together four 50 cm panels to make this loop due to the size of fabric I had.

I did the same with some blue lining fabric.

I them ironed and hemmed the lining bottom edge and overlocked the tartan bottom edge.

I them sewed two rows of long, basting stitches on both the 'back' and 'front' of both the tartan and the lining, leaving long thread tails. Pulling one pair of tails I gathered the fabric up.

I then made the waistband. I made 7 cm wide loop of about 60cm. I made two button holes a couple of cms apart at the  bottom half of the front, these will be the gaps for my ribbon and elastic. I then ironed it lengthways.

Checking that my  skirt gathers fitted the waistband I sewed the tartan skirt to the waistband's bottom edge - right sides together. I then did the same with the lining. I then overlocked this seam to neaten and strengthen.

I then folded the waistband over - ironed a hem and sewed the rough edges in-between the waistband. All the gathers are now hidden. I finished off by top-stitching the waistband.

I cut a piece of elastic (about 1 cm thick) that fitted Sophie's tummy and a longer piece of red velvet ribbon and using a safety pin, threaded them both through the button holes. I sewed the end of the elastic together, pushing it back into the waistband and then tied the ribbon into a bow.

Finally a made two patch pockets to go on the front at slight angles. I like the finish of the over-locked hem on the skirt and that the lining is just a little longer than the skirt. The amount of material means that it moves well - like a ballerina - according to Sophie!

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