Friday, 26 May 2017

Under the Sea Party

Sophie's is now five! To celebrate we held an Under the Sea party at home.


I started with Sophie's costume. I'd made the mermaid tail skirt for Christmas so bought her purple dance leggings and leotard and added some sea beads to the neckline.

To top it off I made a mermaid crown. Starting with a white hair band some foam balls I then added different shells and beads - some of which I'd sprayed gold. Then finished of with a necklace I found at H&M of pearls and tassels.

We used some red spray hair dye to make her a little more Ariel-ish and some golden face glitter!

The mermaid theme carried on into the cake. Although I can't claim the credit for the mermaid topper I did make and decorate the two layers based on a design I created.

I used my beloved Peyton & Bryne recipe book for Madeira cake and chocolate marble cake recipes.

Finn obviously didn't miss out and decided on becoming Aqua-man - not a superhero I was familiar with!

I think Finn's version is pretty good - especially as he was pretty happy wearing sparkly green leggings!

I used fabric pens to draw scales on an orange top, sprayed a Halloween devil's fork gold and hot-glued shells to create the trident, a simple gold belt with Velcro fastening and cardboard emblem, and finally then made the fin cuffs with felt and Velcro.

As well as a wonderful party entertainer we had some traditional games - including this pin the tail on mermaid!

Thankfully we have a couple of months rest before the next celebration.

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