Sunday, 12 May 2013

A quick how to... join together batting pieces

I am still in the middle of making two quilts and some building blocks, but life such as it is means that precious sewing time is a rare thing. I have finished cutting and piecing together the tops of both quilts and basted Sophie's ready for hand quilting. Poor Finn's didn't have a piece of batting just the right size so I've patchworked his using up bits and pieces. I thought I'd share a good way of doing this that makes bumpless joins!

Start by choosing a zig zag stitch that is made up of a number of smaller stitches - I choose this 3 step zig zag. I then made the stitch length long and narrower.

Then I set the needle to stop down and started sewing. Butting the fabric together as it went under the foot.

The final seam - flat and pretty strong. A great way to use up those left over pieces of batting.

Finn expresses his approval of both quilts so far!

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