Monday, 17 June 2013

Block by Block

I was so pleased with the baby building blocks I've made I decided to make some for Sophie. I mixed up some yellows, pinks and greys and added appliquéd letters, numbers and shapes.

I really like the geometric pattern and the Heather Ross 'Dogs'. And most importantly they're a big hit with Sophie!

After giving baby Gabe a set of baby building blocks, Gabe's mum has ordered another set to give to another friend. I started by searching my scrap bag for colours that went well together.

And ended up with these lovely blocks in purples, lime greens and turquoise!

Some of the patchwork sides include a great fabric with Batman style 'Kapow' design.


  1. These baby building blocks are so original - I absolutely love them! Such a clever way to use boldly patterned fabric.

    Just wondering what's inside the blocks? Toy stuffing?

    Have been looking for a project like this for my friend's baby due in January and this could be perfect!

    Any tips you have for making my own version would be very welcome!

    maryam @

  2. Sorry for such a delay in responding!

    I use upholstery foam and use a cheap electric knife to cut my piece into the right size blocks.

    I make sure that my stitch length is shorter than normal and double stitch any delicate areas.

    I cut my blocks the same size as the square pieces so that its a snug fit. The set I've made for my own baby are surviving well so it seems to work!