Monday, 3 June 2013

Fabric Sources

So where do you get yours from?

Mine comes from a mix of places. A couple of local treasure troves, a few websites full to the brim of temptations, some eBay stalking and an annual pilgrimage to a festival... not the rock n roll ones of my youth!

So locally, I am bang in the middle of two greats. Fabric Galore in Lavender Hill, South West London and Rolls n Rems in Lewisham, South East London.

Fabric Galore has finally launched its online store meaning its wonderful stock is even more accessible and even though I can get there relatively easy I still always buy one or two pieces from them at the Festival of Quilts held at the NEC in Birmingham every August. Their shop is well laid out, with a good mix of different fabrics and a small selection of Haberdashery (Wimbledon Sewing Centre in Balham has the best stock of haberdashery I've come across in South London). But the main reason I love Fabric Galore is their amazing stock of Liberty prints at the best price ever! They have so many I always end up buying some even if I went in for green fur! It was from this selection that I found most of the prints for my Mum's Liberty Quilt. The super friendly staff are always ready to help and advise. If you're in London make a special journey across the river - you won't regret it!

Rolls n Rems is a very different store. An Aladdin's cave of treasures with a good mix of all the basics you could ever need. It has a great range of patterns and stuff for curtain making and upholstery upstairs. I buy my towelling there for changing mats and bibs and felt squares and have yet to find anywhere that can beat them on price. It can sometimes be a squash, but only as a testimony to how busy it can get.

There are pother local shops that sell fabric - some of those I mentioned in my Sewing Cafes and Workshop post stock a good range.

My favourite websites:

Fabric Rehab This site is fab. It displays its huge stock so clearly and groups fabrics in great themes, types and colours. Whenever I've ordered anything it arrives super fast and never disappoints. I have to admit to spending far too many hours drooling over new lines and wishing i could buy the lot!

Eternal Maker This site not only has a great selection of fabrics but almost everything else ou could ever want. THE most gorgeous felt. AMAZING ric rac and other stuff you never knew you needed until you stumbled across it on their website! Dangerous - thank goodness I don't live close to the shop or else I may be bankrupt!

Fabric Worm Is American, but sometimes for that very special project you need to find the perfect fabric - if you can't find it here then its worth investing in having some sent over from these guys! Its also a great way to see whats coming out before it hits our shores.

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