Saturday, 2 January 2016

Puppet Theatre

Between Finn's love of storytelling and Sophie's natural performance skills it seemed obvious to create a puppet theatre for them as a Christmas gift.

I'd seen pictures of ones that hung in doorways on Pinterest. After a trip to the DIY shop and the discovery of the extendable shower curtain rail I started on my design. I love the new feature on the iPhone that allows you to sketch a note! Once I the design it was down to working out the measurements.

 I started by creating the front. The star and tragedy / comedy masks are appliquéd. The scalloped decorations and flag are sewn so that they move.

The rail slips through a large opening at the top and fits all the doorways in our house.

The back is made from a old piece of curtain material. The fabric is a natural colour and a thick natural linen so durable.

I used a thin piece of dowelling to be the curtain rail and to add extra structure and stop the theatre form sagging. Small tubes were sewn in using appropriate matching thread for both sides.

Finally I added a pocket. By making it slightly wider at the top and sewing it square it is perfect for puppets.

It is finished off with the seams hiding all the rough edges.

We've already enjoyed several performances!

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