Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Winter Wonderland Cake

Our Christmas cake this year may be a simple design, but it is one that has utilised a Dymo label maker!

I found the cake decorations at Marks and Spencer and decided a polar scene would be perfect.

My wavy-snow icing was done by rolling out a sheet of fondant icing onto a piece of grease-proof paper. By drawing a circle (using the cake baking tin) on the paper I knew how big the top of the cake was and could make sure the icing was the right size. I then used a pizza wheel cutter to cut a wavy line. I fixed the icing in place with some warmed up apricot jam.

I made the igloo by gluing mini marshmallows to a ball of icing. I used the left over white to make the body of the igloo and a small piece of black for the entrance. The wood-pile are just mint chocolate sticks!

My signpost was made from a small piece of corkscrew with a wooden skewer. The Dymo signs were stuck onto cardboard and then attached to the stick with masking tape.

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