Sunday, 13 December 2015

Christmas Fairy Wings

Sophie is going to be the Christmas Fairy in the nursery show this year - a big role, as you can imagine. So Sunday morning finds me with some tights, wire hangers and the glue gun - here is how I made her wings:

I used:
green tights
two wire hangers
glitter glue

needle & thread
glue gun

I started by shaping my hangers, then using pliers, I twisted the handles together.

I covered the know of wires with a square of felt - sewing the tube shut.

 I cut the tights into two and used the bottom section to cover each wing.

 I sewed two lengths of elastic (42cm / 16.5") to make loops and stitched the loops through the tights and felt in place.

I then used the glue gun to attach tinsel to the edge of wings.

I used a metre of thick green ribbon to make a bow in the middle.

Then finished with some green and silver glitter glue.

The Christmas fairy will be ready for the show.

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