Wednesday, 27 May 2015

1, 2, 3 Quilt

This is the third year I've made Sophie a quilt for her birthday and this one was my own design.

I wanted to combine the technique of using freezer paper to 'piece' my patchwork design, I wanted to use up some of the special scraps of fabric (lots of rare Heather Ross and Liberty) I've been saving and I wanted to do numbers - something I'd not seen in many other quilts.

I drew out my design, copied onto squares of freezer paper and then split this into sections to piece together. I ironed the templates onto my scrap or white fabric, cutting a cm border for seam allowance. I started with the easier numbers that were angular first - one, four, seven before trying the curves.

I found that matching the two curved section together needed lots of pins, using the needle in the down position to maneuver and determination! There are slightly iffy bits in the 'six'!

I found that using a slightly smaller stitch length enabled me to pull the paper pattern off more easily.

The back was a simple giant zero with an elongated middle on an angle. I like finding interesting mixes of fabrics - favourite knocking up against each other in unusal ways. Although it took such a lot of time it took to make the larger sections of scrap to cut out the template pieces that I'm not sure I'll be replicating this any time soon.

Findlay helped me take these photos with some reluctance - I must make something for him!

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