Thursday, 21 May 2015

A Medieval Headdress!

After a recent trip to Lewes Castle  and much fun dressing up in their tower I decided to create my own headdress to add to Sophie's growing dressing up box.

These images of headwear from the middle ages helped my design.

I started with by making a tube, sewing one end closed with a ribbon attached. After pulling this the right way I then stuffed with toy filling and sewed the other end closed with a second ribbon embedded into the seam. These two ribbons tied to make my circle.

I decorated with a veil of fabric and netting which I gathered and hand-sewed to the back of the circle. I hand-sewed matching ribbon around to cover the veil. 

 Next time (!) I'll add a band of elastic that will tuck under the chin to keep it in place.

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